ANNLIZ ethical | elegant | lifestyle. The online exclusive designer shop with ethical fashion; designer bags, fashion jewelry, natural kids & women’s clothing and designer homeware products.

Welcome to AnnLiz

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children (ancient Indian saying)"

The spirit of things, of design can be found in the fair and eco clothing and homeware of AnnLiz. We collaborate with designers brands where nature and human play a central role. We believe that if a product is made with attention and awareness, the longer it retains its beauty and contributes to something good.

Some of the fair fashion & living labels we work with: Mini Rodini, Soft Gallery, Luckyboysunday, Aiayu, Emile et Ida, April Showers, Rabens Saloner, Kidscase, Areaware and much more....


presents, discounts, wine and more on December 17th from 12:00 -15:00




Happinez about Wabi Sabi collection by AnnLiz


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